Will I be asked to sign a contract?


Yes. A contract is a must when booking a DJ or any vendor. It is the only way to have a clear understanding of what is to be expected and protects both parties. Any vendor that has no contract should be an instant red flag. 

Is this a full time company?


With most businesses, this would sound like a strange question but it is relevant to the DJ industry. Many DJ companies do this work only part time and don't carry proper licensing and insurance. Being part time also means less experience. Imagine the McDonalds down the street only being open two days a week. They would not have a lot of experience and orders would come out slow and many might not be correct. It is really important you hire a full-time DJ company. Stay clear of company's where one DJ does every event. That is a clear sign that they are part time. A great DJ business should be doing 300+ events a year. That shows experience.

How many songs do you have?


We have about 50,000 song selections that we own. I want to say yes to those that say that means did you spend that much money. YES! I could have bought a new home sooner than I did just because of the money we put down on music. Many DJ companies illegally download music. Its unethical, illegal and just plane wrong. This being said its not every song known to man and there are new songs coming out every week. We will pay and download songs from Amazon MP3 of songs we may not have. I've been know to purchase up to 100 new songs at a time just on trips around town. I am constantly on top of the music. It is the core of what we do.



What is the difference between consumer grade and commercial grade equipment?


There is a reason that there is professional equipment and there is a good reason that equipment costs a lot of money. Some DJs use consumer grade equipment for professional requirements and that is a horrible idea. The hard work and demand that is needed at an event is the job for rugged built equipment. It is road worthy and built not only for travel but extreme conditions.

I noticed many DJ company's ask where my event will be prior to giving me a quote. Why is this?


This is very true and sad. Many companies want to know where the event will be as to gage the amount of money you will be spending. They then charge you more based on what they believe you have. Some companies will ask you what your budget is. This is just as bad. Don’t answer either but instead give them information that matters (date, the city the event will be in, times of the event, and the package that is needed). Our pricing is clearly marked as always.



Are you insured?

We are insured for one million dollars. Any DJ you use should not only be insured but should be happy to prove it.

Sound equipment a DJ brings?


There are DJs out there that believe that a great DJ performance trumps the sound. I couldn't disagree more. Imagine watching the best action packed the movie with horrible sound in the theater, or the best chef that only uses the cheapest ingredients. Any person is only as good as their tools. Our tools as DJs are the sound systems we bring with us to events. This is part of what you pay for yet so many DJs cheap out and don't put a dime into their equipment. At Jazz It-Up Productions we spend about 40% from the proceeds of each event to go right back to our equipment, systems, and plant. We are proud to bring the finest equipment on the market. This is partly why we really hate plugging into house sound systems at venues. It can make or break us as a team and company.


Will the DJ play the music for my ceremony?


Yes, however, please read on…..

We will gladly play the ceremony music at no extra cost for the ceremony using our reception sound system if the ceremony is in the same spot literally as the reception. If the ceremony is in a different location than the reception (even on the same property) it is necessary to order the ceremony sound system. We will not move our reception sound system once it is set up. The ceremony sound system package can be found here.

This is a really big deal to know. We are more than happy to help to make this decision with you.


What is Advance Pay and how do I use it?


We really try to have some great special deals available to every customer when booking. One really cool deal is Advance Pay and the terms are very simple. Simply by signing your contract and paying for the event  in full at the time you book gets you from a 10% to a 50% discount. The exact discount is based on a formula of date + package + event type. This is an easy way to receive a really nice discount. Use Advance Pay today when you book your event date.

- Some special deals we offer require Advance Pay to take advantage of the special.



Can I message Jazz It-Up Productions?


No. Because of the new PBX phone system we have there is no way for it to work. Also, we like to keep local records of communications. Messaging directly to a staff member doesn't allow us to monitor customer relations.

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By Appointment Only







Phone reservations:

Oregon: 503.406.2890

Washington: 360.326.6434









Some companies charge in a confusing way?


We chose a long time ago when we started Jazz It-Up Productions to offer packages instead of charging by the hour or by the DJ that you get. We feel that charging based on what DJ is being sent out is confusing for the customer. Some companies charge different prices based on how much experience a DJ has. The problem with that is that who is to guarantee what DJ was sent out. Also, most customers have no idea what price range they should be in and what price they should pay for any particular DJ. We just find this is confusing and figure customers have enough on their mind when booking all of their vendors.

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